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    Your skin

    Your skin is the largest organ on the human body and due to its external relationships with the world, can experience highs and lows, making some days beautiful whilst others hiding behind copious amounts of cover up make up.  Problems such as oily, dry or dull complexions can monopolise your daily thoughts.  Redness and hyperpigmentation can actually push you to experiment with ingredients and chemicals that does more harm than good.  Fruganics uses nature to provide the solutions to your skin problems and helps restore and maintain that longed for flawless skin. You are left almost instantly with super soft skin allowing you to spend yours days with creating more pleasurable thoughts.  

    Fruganics uses pure oils, butters and vegetable matter to produce our wonderful skin-loving products that also supports your general health. No water is added to our products unlike other companies, watering down the full impact of what nature has to offer.  Fruganics says "no-one can argue with nature, it does exactly what it says on the tree."

    Don't despair

    Even though there are days when our skin just looks pretty challenging for a variety of reasons, nature has something to hand that can help not just at these times but to maintain healthy skin.  Anti-aging is top of all our lists of wants and needs as healthy skin is a concern for everyone.  Why not look and feel the best we can?  This is possible using the right oils, butters and vegetable matter to love your skin in.  

    Work with nature

    By letting nature support the natural regeneration of your cell growth and reproduction, you will surely have beautiful skin that defies age.  Organic ingredients gently supports your skin's health. Open up your mind and body to the subtle energies and universal life force of nature.  Your skin will love you for it! 

    Never Compromise on Beauty!

    What is Fruganics?

    From tree to you in a jar.

    Skincare Solutions

    Organic Skincare

    Fruganics is run by a certified aromatherapist.  Our intention is to use oils to cleanse, soften, hydrate, moisturise and reduce the signs of ageing whilst supporting local farmers with a sustainable and fair wage.  Fruganics is an environmentally conscious company and endeavours to find relevant information that helps us bring you beautiful skin ingredients using oils from fruits or vegetable matter that also supports your general well-being.  More products are continually being added to our collection.  Keep visiting the page for our new range.   

    Environmentally Friendly

    Nature has provided us with such splendid fruits, vegetable matter and essential oil blend for skincare, we just feel that it is only right that we use topically as well as internally.  When certain ingredients are placed directly on the skin, through our spectacular body systems, the constituents in each ingredient manages to find its way into our bodies to start either maintenance or repair but definitely improvement will be noticeable.  

    We will be bringing you non-greasy moisturising and anti-ageing oils that you can replace your current face and body lotion with.

    Take a look

    Have a look at our collection and take control of the ingredients that you put on your skin that affects your general health.  There is bound to be something that we are sure you will find delicious, remember to bookmark this site to keep ahead of the wonderfully organic products.

    So far none of our products contain water therefore no need for a preservative system, although there might be some products in the future that cannot escape the need for water to be added to help bring about the wonderful ingredient.  When this happens, we will be sourcing the most organic preservative that has been ECO certified, or just letting you add water at home.  

    Men, you're included too!

    Stay Groomed

    Women do like a well-groomed man.  Someone that is prepared to take care of his health both internally and externally. Gone are the days where a slap and tickle in the mornings were good enough. Now, men can command respect for taking take of his personal care business.  

    Products for men

    Like many products in our company, more will be added in time. However, we do have Black Maca Daily Facial Scrub. The ingredients help develop and maintain muscle development as well as keeping your little swimmers healthy! What more could you ask for whilst keeping your skin smooth, clean and healthy?

    Impress the person in your life!

    Delight your partner in your life by using Black Maca Daily Facial Scrub 100g - £13.50.

    Now in!

    What are your skin's needs?

    We are so excited with our delicious face range using aromatherapy oils.  We took care to source alternative oils that are not normally used frequently but delivers powerful and noticable results. Our organic skincare range is getting bigger. Each one of our products will delight your skin and body systems fighting signs of aging and repairing skin cells to leave a smooth softness. Take a look at our range, they include the best organic skincare:  Glow Restorative, Anti-Ageing Fade Away, Collagen Renewal, Young Skin, Raspberry Clear Skin and Watermelon Dew as well as Mint-Choc-O-Nut body cream and Heaven Scent and Sensual Touch massage oils.  

    We source the right ingredients to support your skin's health.  Never compromise on beauty.  

    Reverse the signs of ageing!

    From the Columbian Amazon, Cacay Oil is contained in our Anti-ageing fade Away Face Oil and is reputed to contain more nourishing essential fatty acids, twice as much as Argan Oil.  This oil is a natural source of Vitamin A (excellent for eye and immune system care) and helps with skin cell reproduction and growth.  The skin's firmness is improved by Vitamin A due to  the stimulation of fibroblasts, cells responsible for developing tissue.  

    Anti-Ageing Fade Away can be used day or night but we recommend you use this product in the morning and Glow Restorative Face Balm at night to restore your skin's health as you work, play and sleep, keeping your skin  younger looking.  

    Spiritually Blended For Hair

    Graduate your hair to nature

    This blend of oils and butters combined with essential oils makes this hair lotion a must for your hair.  Your hair is left shiny without being greasy whilst the oils and butters goes to work at a cellular level.  

    It is easy to get and maintain luscious hair, you only have to use the right ingredients.  Treat your hair to being Spiritually Blended.  £22.00.


    We all love the product, my scalp is not as dry as it usually is and the hair feels good.  Diane Laing

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    Lemon Soft Feet Scrub.  This scrub is packed with Magnesium Sulphate and Lemon to help tired, sore or damage soles to come alive without resulting to blades.  Treat your feet to that soft feeling.  £18.00 - 100g